Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Creationist poem

There are some people here on planet Earth,

Who think that after death there is rebirth,

Convinced despite the evidence

(Likewise ignoring sediments that prove Earth's age as surely as its girth).

There are some folk who tow the bible line,

And in their books and speeches they opine,

That every fin and spiracle

Must represent God's miracle and every eye and tooth built from design.

There are men and women living in the dark,

Who're sure that dinosaurs were on the ark,

They won't abide with fossils

Disagreeing with apostles (and they won't let their kids watch Jurassic Park).

Such people trust in musty, dusty texts,

Upon which they base all their cults and sects,

With every contradiction

There comes more and more conviction that it's Jesus and not nature that selects.

Everyone has freedom to believe,

In arks and Gods and Adam, snakes and Eve,

But to have such proud defiance

To discoveries of science and using all your talents to deceive,

- You may think you're pious but you're really just naive.

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I love the poem!!

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